Although Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) was born in London, some have already dubbed him “The Israeli Locavore”.
Uri’s Book about the history local food of the Middle-East was published in Israel at Feb. 2012, at around the same time as his “local year challenge” was culminating. The challenge was to eat strictly locally grown food for a whole year, and more than anything else – this challenge created many friendships. Uri has acquired many friends and acquaintances who grow and produce local food.


Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) master’s thesis dealt with the history of local food preservation, and his doctoral thesis was a research of the ways the local ancient medicine used nutrition as a way to achieve balance.

Now Uri is still a locavore advocating local foods and traditional foodway.
And he says:

“I would love to share my knowledge of local food with you
as we travel the country-side and it’s views.”