As a nutritional consultant, Uri Mayer-Chissick believes in the ability of the body to heal itself, given the right conditions, using suitable nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Mr. Mayer-Chissick’s specialization in local and historical methods of food preparation and in the evolution of the human digestive system provide him the means to understand the digestive system and its central role in physical maintenance.
Consultations include gradual changes of diet and support through the process.

Mr. Mayer-Chissick specializes in nutritional support for women wishing to conceive, pregnant women, and nursing women. Additionally, he deals with illnesses in the respiratory system, sinusitis, joint problems, difficult menstruation, allergies, gallstones, and more.

Additional information is available via email or telephone.

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אורי מאיר-צ'יזיק מלקט לקטים