1/2 kg. organic chick-peas, soaked overnight  and let to sprout for 24 hours
1/2 cup whole sesame paste
2 garlic cloves
a pinch of salt
3 lemons
parsley bundle
coriander bundle
cold pressed olive oil




  1. Cook sprouted chick peas in boiling water until very soft. (Uri likes to cook it for a long period of time (3 hours) in a heavy cast-iron pot).
  2. Transfer 3/4 of the cooked chick-peas into a blender, add sesame paste, juice from one lemon, a pinch of salt, and the garlic cloves.
  3. Add some of the cooking water; the quantity of water will determine the  smoothness of the humus (to your taste). Blend for a few minutes to obtain a fine humus texture.
  4. While preparing the humus, chop thinly the parsley and coriander and add the juice of two lemons.
  5. Put the humus in small dishes, add some cooked chick-peas, and a mixture of the chopped greens. Pour a little olive oil and serve.


חומוס - סדנת בישול בריא מזון מקומי

Photography: Assaf Ronen