The noted philosopher Maimonides, or the Rambam, lived in the 11th century; he was born in Cordova, Spain and is buried in Tiberias, Israel — only 25 kilometers from LCHC.  The ingredients of this tea are drawn directly from the Rambam’s own writings.  We challenge our visitors to guess all the seven spices in this tea.  It’s unexpected, but certainly tasty and very good for balance and whole body health.


108 g coriander seeds

60 g  ground cinnamon

15 g  caraway seed

15 g  ground ginger

15 g  ground black pepper

 9 g   valerian valerian root

 6 g   ground nutmeg


Blend all the spices together ‘with a strong blender or food processor and then brew up some tea!


  • makes apprx. 800g, or 3.5 cups of Rambam’s tea. Store in a large tupperware container somewhere cool and dry.



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