It all really starts with cabbage – it’s the easiest thing to ferment. It’s as simple as two ingredients: cabbage and salt.  That’s it!  


1 cabbage (more depending on how much you want to make)



Cut the cabbage in half and remove the heart from each half.  We use a ratio of 2.5% to find out how much salt we want to mix in. Based on the weight of the cabbage, multiply that by 2.5 to figure out how much salt should be added to the cabbage.  There are various recipes that eyeball this to figure out how much they should add, or do it based on taste.  

Begin to chop up the cabbage very finely. You can do this in either a vegetable processor, or by hand.  Put the diced cabbage in a bowl and add in the salt.  Mix the salt into the cabbage by hand, squeezing and kneading the cabbage.  

This needs to be mixed very well so that the water can begin to separate from the cabbage. Let this sit for 2 hours.

After the time has passed, take a mason jar and pack the cabbage tightly into the jar, so that the water rises over the cabbage. Seal & let it sit for 10 days. For the first 3-4 days open the jar to let the gases out and make sure that the liquid substance is over the cabbage. This is to make sure there’s as little air as possible in with the cabbage. After 10 days, you’ll have some awesome pickled cabbage!