A workshop for Sustainable & Innovative Design through Food Traditions
Designing nutrients into food, tableware and food-making experience

Ozu cultural centre
Montealeone-Sabino, Italy

In modern societies, the experience of food consumption has changed over the last two decades. As part of the consumer society, food is becoming increasingly industrialized, and its consumption is re-distributed in a new manner throughout the day. Man’s complex and vital relationship with food is linked to the expansion of science, technology, sustainability, and design. Eating has been transformed from meeting a physical need to meeting mental, emotional, and health needs – from a function to an experience.

Whether in the design of food, packaging, or service, design shapes the encounter between users and food. This encounter can inspire a transformation of the current place and role of food in the society towards a better future.

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Sustainable Design from Traditional Food

Sustainable design is the natural way of traditional foodways, what can we learn from cooking together for designing a better future?

Three days that bring together Design and Food Tradition to create sustainable innovations that turn nutrients into packaging and kitchenware into food.

Join us as we explore the sustainable focal point of food and design, in the beautiful setting of rural Italy.

We will be

  • Cooking traditional meals and learning how it works
  • Investigating and experimenting kitchenware design
  • conceptual and hands-on development of materials for culinary.
  • Deriving inspiration from the beautiful rural scenery
  • Talking about our culinary needs and investigating the concept of Cradle to Cradle design

All these while combining innovative & traditional design with appropriate technologies solutions creating healthy food for us and for the biosphere. Our design methodology seek to eliminate the concept of waste, as nature has no waste. we are learning from nature while creating food.

Our teachers

design food design

Yair Engel.  Industrial Designer and expert in Sustainable Design. He is the representative of EPEA, which applies the Cradle to Cradle®-methodology to the design of new processes, products and services.
As such, Yair works with companies, government ministries, non-profit organizations and academies in Israel and abroad.
Yair is also the founder of Kayama, the Center for Sustainable Design in Israel which raises awareness to the subject of sustainability, a member of the Green Label committee of the Standard Institution of Israel, a Board member of The Heschel Center for Sustainability and lectures about Design for Sustainability in several design academies.

Dr.  Uri Mayer-Chissick (Ph.d).  Cook. Historian of local foodways in the Middle-East and Mediterranean.


Lessons, accommodation and full board are provided at OZU

Price: 375 Euro

  • Tuition
  • Excursions
  • Natural local nutrient food
  • Accommodation in OZU (4 nights)
  • Transportation to and from Fara Sabina train station (direct connection with Rome Fiumicino Airport)*

*We will arrange several picking up points at Fara Sabina train station. The exact timing will be defined accordingly to landing times of guests.


Not included: airfare, spending money.

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traditional food

Some topics we'll talk about:

Details of the lessons:

  • יום ראשון 10/10/2018 10:00 - Test|2000
  • יום שני 24/10/2018 20:00 - another test|405 - 805
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