From fine gourmet to rugged and outdoorsy, Uri Mayer-Chissick cooks it all.
As an expert on local foodways of the Middle East, Uri has curated fine dinners lavishly exploring historic gourmet dishes. As the author of Israel’s most successful guide on wild edible plants, Uri also creates simple and hearty meals set out in the wonderful Israeli scenery.

A chef with such a range, that possesses a profound historical and culinary knowledge can only use the best and freshest ingredients.
Uri believe in personally knowing the people who grow and make the food we use, so each and every meal is made from scratch with only the finest locally grown, freshly purchased ingredients.

We use organic produce.

Local Gourmet

Recipes from history books are infused with local and exotic spices,
New dishes are formed from the feverish mind of the historian-chef.

This is what happens when the chef is also a nutrition expert and an historian.
You need a library that is also a kitchen or kitchen that is also a library.
Thus the knowledge enriches the stews, and the flavors fertilize the learning.

We host

Gourmet meals with a traditional aroma and ancient flavors

Pre-booking is required

s in Kibutz Neve-Eitan in the Springs Valley, Israel.

Uri and his teams will also prepare and serve meal in your home or in the countryside.

Some topics we'll talk about:

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