We are pleased to be part of the activities of the “Slow Tourism” in the Springs Valley (Emek Hama’yanot), Israel.

In this framework we offer wild-edible-plants gathering tours, gourmet meals in the kitchen-library and in the countryside, healthy-cookery classes, and personal nutritional coaching.

Gourmet meals in the countryside and wild-edible-plants gathering tours in the Springs Valley

There is a long, fully laid table near the spring, laden with colorful dishes and tempting aroma. A tour group is approaching, with their guide. They have been touring the area learning about local plantation, identifying the tasty ones and gathering some of them. The guide leads them to the table and the straw mats spread in the shade; it is time to taste some of the dishes made with the local plants. On the side there is a hot, steaming Tabun, supplying more hot dishes.

This is a unique gastronomic experience of elegance and simplicity, aesthetics and nature, special flavors and profound knowledge.

All is conducted by Uri Mayer-Chissick, a historian-nutritionist-chef-writer. Every event that Uri “touches” is upgraded thanks to his wide knowledge. He can lecture about the food he serves; he can offer advice on local foods and their contribution to your health. A year ago, MAPA published his book “Wild Edible Plants” – a book that combines Uri’s deep understanding and familiarity local nutrition, the history of medicine and the wild edible plants.

The authentic and varied flavors of the dishes that Uri makes are suited for intimate meals in his Kitchen-Library, for exciting meals in the countryside, and for small special events. These meals offer a unique experience.

All dishes are made of fresh and whole ingredients.

Some topics we'll talk about:

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