The foraging culture is deeply rooted in our past. Long before humans started farming and settled into villages their nutrition depended on foraging wild plants (and hunting).

אורי ליקוט

On a foraging tour, we walk through nature guided by Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick and open our eyes and tastebuds to the wild edible plants that grow freely around us. They have been the ingredients to foods, medicines and teas for thousands of years throughout Israel’s dynamic history.  Wild edible plants of the region are a constant and shared source of collective knowledge that knows no borderlines.  By cultivating an awareness of the flora and fauna growing freely in the Levantine, you will find a growing understanding to the land and people around you.  

The foraging tours include time spent actively engaged outdoors learning the history, plant lore and ways to recognize what is growing in Israel.

You’ll have a chance to collect your own plants and try out methods of cooking traditionally in the outdoors for yourself, with the guidance of Dr. Mayer-Chissick.  

Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) is an expert on the Wild edible plants of Israel. He wrote a guide to the foraging traditions of the area and he guides foraging tours.


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