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An inspiring weekend of lectures, stories, field tours, cooking workshops and great food.


Join us as we

  • Bake traditional sourdough bread and other great mediterranean pastries.
  • Take a look at the local wheat and how it’s processed.
  • Discuss the beginning of agriculture.
  • Explore the development and evolution of human nutrition since the agricultural revolution.
  • Forage wild edible plants.
  • Learn more about sugar and white flour, gluten, sprouting, food economy, hunger and more.
  • Prepare nutritious meals together from wonderful local produce.

A wonderful weekend of Learning and experiencing healthy and hearty food.

With Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick
an Israeli Researcher of the history of Mediterranean food and medicine. Wild food chef of local traditions.





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What is OZU?


OZU, founded in 2005, is a residential cultural and arts centre.

Located in an ex-candy factory, in the heart of the Sabine hills, in the centre of Italy.

Living at OZU are people from various artistic disciplines, producing and promoting a wide range of diverse cultural projects.

OZU is a laboratory for production; a place of exchange, encounter and collaboration.

1.250 square metres of creative freedom in which to develop new and innovative cultural programmes and activities.


Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D)


Uri Mayer-Chissick is an expert on local and traditional foodways, he guides foraging tours of wild edible plants and is a historian of food.

Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) is an accomplished researcher of the history of food and nutrition, he wrote his thesis about the history of dietetics in the medieval Islamic empire, and he gives academic lectures all around Israel and abroad.

Uri’s academic CV

Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) is an expert on natural nutrition and traditional foodways, who has published a guide for the local wild edible plants of Israel and the Book of Local Food of the Levant. He leads Hikes and tours of the country side, including outdoor cooking classes, lectures and gourmet meals in nature.

Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) also specializes in making natural and nutritional food tasty to all- at his local deli, at private events and outdoors. He reconstructs historical and periodical recipes and cookes with wild plants. And due to the mileage he has attained in this specialty, he also consults and constructs luxurious meals all around the world.

Although Dr. Mayer-Chissick was born in London, some have already dubbed him “The Israeli Locavore”.
Uri’s Book about the history local locavoring and it’s contribution to a resilient society, and Dr. Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D) master’s thesis dealt with the history of local food preservation, and his doctoral thesis was a research of the ways the local ancient medicine used nutrition as a way to achieve balance.

Uri lectures about food, nutrition, history, medicine and the traditions of foraging, healing and cooking in the Mediterranean and Middle-East.

Hiking and dinning with Uri you will get an experience like non-other – gourmet and yet hearty and wholesome, local foods with a sophisticated edge, knowledgeably down-to-earth.

Uri is a husband to Tali and a father of two girls, living in the valley of springs in north-eastern Israel.

uri mayer chissick

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Lessons, accommodation and full board are provided at OZU


The partecipation cost is 315 Euro and it includes tuition, excursions, full board, transfer and transportation from & to Fara Sabina train station (direct connection with Rome Fiumicino Airport).

The price for the 3 days accommodation is 60 Euro

 Additional cost if someone wishes to be accommodated in the nearby Agriturismo: 40 Euro per night

Additional cost if someone wishes to stay longer: 20 Euro per night




Accommodation at OZU is quite basic, homey style, after all it is an ex candy factory, it is not a hotel!

The building has been restored and equipped for its new needs, becoming a multifunctional and versatile cultural space, so please,expect a “not standard” place!

Partecipants will share our dorm, a large and light room with bunk beds and curtains to ensure some privacy.

Toilets/bathrooms are in common.

Additional cost if you wish to stay longer: 20 Euro per night.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in the nearby Agriturismo La casa di campagna.

Additional cost if you wish to be accommodated in the nearby Agriturismo is 40 Euro per night

All the transfers from the Agriturismo to OZU and back will be guaranteed, and included in the price.


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 An Italian weekend with Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick
Getting to know the pople, the food, the crafts and the culture

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